Hot water circulator


Turn off the power to the water heater, or turn the unit to 'pilot' if it's a gas heater. Shut off the water from the water heater. If a point-of-use system is already installed, it needs to be unplugged. Turn on the faucet to drain the water lines. Leave it on until after the system is installed.
Next, let the water heater cool down. Once it's cooled, disconnect the hot water feed line from the water heater using slip-joint pliers.

Secure the Discharge Connection

  • Hand-tighten the re circulating pump onto the discharge connection.
  • Make sure the flow arrow on the pump is pointing away from the water heater.
  • Tighten everything down with a wrench.
  • Attach the hot water line to the discharge connection on the pump.

Install the Re-circulating Valve

  • Install the re circulating valve at a sink the greatest distance from the water heater. Shut off the water under the sink. Remove the supply lines to the sink. Replace with stainless flex-lines.

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